Responsible Gambling

Everything in moderation. That’s a good sentiment to keep in mind. Obviously, this applies to online gambling as well. In this guide we’re taking a look at problem gambling; what it is, what you can do to prevent it, what tools are available and how you can get help.

Responsible gambling is the key to having a good time while visiting and playing at international casinos. Hopefully this guide will help you and these tips will come in handy when you start gambling online.

The meaning of problem gambling

When someone is gambling for all the wrong reasons, it’s referred to as problem gambling. It might be that you’re chasing losses, that you’re not enjoying it at all and that you’re rather feeling forced to play to win money back.

You might’ve developed a gambling addiction and have started spending more than you can afford on casino sites. How problem gambling affects you depends on your personality and how sensitive you are to developing an addiction in general.

The importance of responsible gambling


Managing and staying on top of any potential gambling problem is, of course, essential. Thankfully, there are many tools and resources available that can help you. It’s important to take advantage of these and gamble in moderation.

Keep this in mind when playing online and understand why it’s important to gamble responsibly:

  • Never chase losses
  • Set up a budget
  • Prioritize your economy
  • Stop gambling if you feel guilty about it
  • Don’t gamble money used to pay bills

How to prevent problem gambling

The first thing to do to prevent problem gambling is to accept that it’s a form of entertainment that may in fact become a real problem for some. Understanding that reality and keeping it in mind while playing will help you prevent a negative pattern from developing.

There are multiple ways to prevent and combat a potential gambling problem. It’s worth considering how gambling affects you personally and taking appropriate action. We’ll highlight a few tips below to keep you on the right track.

Take regular breaks

Step back, take a break. Maybe you’ve had a longer gambling session and lost track of time, or maybe you’ve been playing every day for a week. It’s important to take breaks from all sorts of entertainment. There’s usually a clock available at every casino so that you can easily see if it’s time to take five.

Play purely for fun

Online gambling is meant to be played for fun. You can win money, but you also spend money to do so. This is just a form of entertainment and never a source of income. If you keep playing for fun, you won’t be stressed about potentially losing money. A part of this is to never spend more than you can afford. You play, lose some, win some, and that’s that.

Have a dedicated budget

The key to not spending more than you can afford is to set aside a budget purely for online entertainment. It could be a budget used for video games, gambling, betting and more. It could be a weekly or monthly budget. Once it’s spent, it’s spent. Then you can move on and do other things, or play for free, until the week or month is over. This way you can prevent overspending to win money back, for instance.

Take tests to understand your gambling habits

As previously mentioned, there are many tools to take advantage of to help keep yourself in check. One of said tools is a test to check if you have a gambling problem. It consists of 9 questions (that should be answered truthfully) that will help you understand your habits and what you can do about it. Click here to take the test.

Where can I get help?

Where you can get help depends on where you live. This includes online help. We recommend searching for your local help centers or organizations for problem gamblers. Regardless of the severity, there are tools, articles and general support to guide you through any gambling problem. Check these resources if you live in the UK.